Decaf Premium Mountain Water Process


Finca: Cooperative
Origin: Pico de Orizaba, México
Variety: Arábica
Clasification: Size 16/18
Producer: Several small producers
Process: Mountain Water Decaf.
Taste: Sweet, citrus y chocolate

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The process of removing caffeine of this coffee it’s done using water from the glaciers of the highest mountain in Mexico, caffeine is removed with a method called Mountain Water Process, the caffeine stays in the water. Then the water is filtered to remove caffeine. After coffee is re hydrated with the same water. The process and the taste is very clean. Coffee is 99,90% free of caffeine. The taste is sweet, citrus and chocolate aftertaste.

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1Kg, 250gr

Roast type

Espresso, Filter


Ground for French Press, Ground for Moka Pot, Whole Bean