Café de la casa



Region: Matas de Minas, Minas Gerais
Variety: Acaiá, Bourbon, Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo
Producer: Various small producers
Altitude: 950 msn
Process: Natural
Taste: Cacao, nuts, grape, honey


Region: Santa Lucia de Los Ocotales, Zona 25, Ciudad de Guatemala
Variety: Caturra
Producer: Luis Fernando Cabarrus
Altitude: 1500 msn
Process: Washed, dried in outdoor sunny patios
Taste: Chocolate, honey, berries

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Our Café de La Casa is usually a mixture of two coffees. The objective of making a blend is to obtain a balanced, round cup, that is, with all the possible attributes that exist for a cup of coffee. In this case it is the union of two great classics in the coffee culture. We use 50% of a natural drying process coffee from Brazil and 50% of a washed coffee from Guatemala. In and of itself, the two coffees are very balanced, which could be used as a single origin and they would not be out of tune, but by combining them you get a great result. Both represent the flavor of the region from which they come from.

Brazil has the classic sweet fruity, chocolate, and nut taste. It is a coffee in which the body predominates with the characteristic flavor of its drying process, which leaves a pulpy flavor and dehydrated mucilage (coffee fruit) of aftertaste.

Guatemalan coffee is classic sweet, clean, with citric acidity and chocolate flavor of La Antigua Guatemala. Its greenish-blue color when it is raw illustrates the process that has been used for drying. Its main characteristic is its cleanliness, showing the pure taste of coffee.

The result is a solid, structured, clean and complex cup. A cup that does not lack anything. A coffee that you can drink a lot and not get tired off. The classic taste of coffee produced and treated with the new quality standards of specialty coffees.

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